Brick Location East

To locate your Veterans brick consider that the POW/MIA chair is at the center of the levee. To it’s right is East. Bricks are listed in the order in which they were laid.

Moore Family
John Phillips
W.A. “Buddy” Hinson
Morris Casey
Steve Monaghan
Perry Family
Raymond Stacks
James Family
James L Dunavent
Rocky Murphy
Kenneth Martin
Donald Argall
Ken Barnes
Bennett Family
Ray Crawford
Marine Corp League
King Family
Doddridge Family
Collins Family
J L Vansickle
Gene Cooper
Gilbert Allen
Vanderberg Family
Louis H Davis
Carl Odom Hood
Michael D Watson
Veterans of Diamondback MC
R G Troxel
Billy Sullivan
Bob Earnheart
Wm H Holland
Casey Baxter
Reagan Family
Ronnie Dunn
W Constantino
Jason Wensyel
American Legion Post 134
Jesse Ware
Brinson W Carpenter
W C Rochester
Lauderdale Family
Reeves Family
Billy P Witt
Charles W Pannell                                                                    
Alpha Omega Veterans