Brick Location East

To locate your Veterans brick consider that the POW/MIA chair is at the center of the levee. To it’s right is East. Bricks are listed in the order in which they were laid.

Moore/Smiddy/Lincoln/Shepperd/Teesdale Family
John Phillips
W.A. “Buddy” Hinson
Morris Casey
Steve Monaghan
Perry/Hudgins Family
Raymond Stacks
James/Hopper Family
James L Dunavent
Rocky Murphy
Kenneth Martin
Donald Argall
Ken Barnes
Bennett Family
Ray Crawford
Marine Corp League
King/Hurst/Tallant Family
Doddridge/Hunt/Chamberlin/Dunn/Duncan/Hudson/Smith Family
Collins/Thompson Family
J L Vansickle
Gene Cooper
Gilbert Allen
Vanderberg Family
Louis H Davis
Carl Odom Hood
Michael D Watson
Veterans of Diamondback MC
R G Troxel
Billy Sullivan
Bob Earnheart
Wm H Holland
Casey Baxter
Reagan/Roberts Family
Ronnie Dunn
W Constantino
Jason Wensyel
American Legion Post 134
Jesse Ware
Brinson W Carpenter
W C Rochester
Lauderdale/Goodniight Family
Reeves/Parti Family
Billy P Witt
Charles W Pannell

Brick Order #2
Alpha Omega Veterans